Hatha Jodi – The Wonder Herb


One of the most Miraculous and Wonder 💫 ROOT found in Madhya Pradesh is often described as resembling human arms with clenched fists.

HATHA JODI is the incarnation of “GODESS CHAMUNDA”🙌🙌

This Powerful Hatha Jodi Root 🌱 provides a Host of effects, including the ability to Hypnotize, Shield and improve the Financial 💰situation for those who  possess it.

Its most Powerful 💪 effect is its Shielding effect, as it is said to have protected those who have it on Journeys, in Discussions, Interviews, and Battles by providing the ability to triumph 🎉 and overcome fear.

Good Luck Charm: Hatha Jodi is also considered a very lucky charm 🎩 that provides the holder with Luck, Wisdom, Immense Wealth 💰and Attractiveness 👰.

When the holder is faced with difficult situations in a Court Trial or need to Win favorably, having this Root 🌱 in their possession will encourage their Luck and ability to triumph 👍 over the other opponent.

Financial Benefits
In addition to providing protection from Harm and Evil, Hatha Jodi also offers Good luck, Wealth 💰and Increase in Business.

It is particularly beneficial for business, as it can help to increase clientele, 🚀 business status and the Attraction Power 👀 of a person.

It also guards against accidents and bad influences of any TANTRIC 😈 effect.

The Powers are immense however you have to be very very careful in buying them as markets are filled with fake stuff as they are expensive.

We hereby provide this Amazing 100% Genuine  Charged and Programmed 😇 HATHA JODI at a very reasonable rates.

Note : Charging is done with Ganga water for Shudhi karan then Siddhi karan with Mantras thereafter Atointed with Para and Khamakya IMG_20151102_155706Sindoor and wrapped with red cloth along with few offering.
Also while giving to a person further programmed with his name and than only given.

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